Light Keeper Pro


What is a LED?

LED is short for Light Emitting Diode which is a small semi-conductor that illuminates when voltage is applied in the intended direction. They can be found in many of our personal electronics. They are known to be more energy efficient and last about 30,000 hours on average.

Is the battery included with the LED Keeper?

Yes, a 9V battery required to power the LED Keeper is included.

Where is the battery located?

The 9V battery is located on the underside of the LED Keeper near the power cord. The battery needs to be attached to the battery connector within the battery compartment appropriately.

Where can I purchase a replacement battery for my LED Keeper?

A replacement battery is available at most Stores selling batteries. One 9V battery is all you need.

How do I know if my LED Keeper is functional?

The LED Keeper has a red light on the top of the tool that will illuminate when the trigger is pulled. This will let the user know that their LED Keeper is powered.

What do I do if neither side of the light set illuminates while making contact with the LED Keeper?

Re-hook and try again. If still no illumination, unhook your LED Keeper from the light set wire and choose another location within the unlit section to re-hook and try again.

If still unsuccessful, your light set may have multiple faults caused by rust or other issues. This may be preventing the LED Keeper from being able to create the mini-circuit necessary in order to illuminate a section. Technical Support is available to assist at 888-858-2548.

Will the LED Keeper harm a light set?

No. Although the LED Keeper uses insulation piercing technology in order to tap into the LED light set and illuminate functional sections, the material used to manufacture the insulation has the tendency to “heal” itself. The miniature puncture left behind might not even be visible since it is so tiny.

What happens if I connect the LED Keeper to the wrong wire?

Connecting the LED Keeper to the wrong wire on the light set will not cause any harm to the light set, tool, or the user. The LED Keeper will simply not be able to illuminate functional sections or benefit the user if the wrong wire is tapped into.

Will the LED Keeper work on incandescent light sets?

No, the LED Keeper uses a different technology specifically developed to perform on LEDs. Fortunately, the LightKeeper Pro is able to fix incandescent holiday lights and has the required technology for these sets. Please see for more information.

Why would I use a POD?

The user would use a POD if they are experiencing a socket issue that cannot be solved, if the precise replacement bulb for the set cannot be located, or if the user has a non-replaceable (sealed construction) LED light set.

Will the PODs work on incandescent light sets?

The PODs were also designed to repair LEDs only. If one were to use a POD on an incandescent set, the set would not illuminate and remain dysfunctional.

Are the PODs supposed to illuminate like an actual light bulb?

The PODs will not illuminate. It does not mean that they are dysfunctional. They simply were not designed to do so. The POD is necessary for the repair of the LED set in order to maintain the electrical balance. Since the user did remove a LED from the set, more voltage is being forced upon the remaining functional bulbs.

Does it matter if I have replaceable or non-replaceable light sets for the LED Keeper to work?

The LED Keeper will work on both replaceable and non-replaceable sets along with the LED Keeper PODs.

Why does the LED Keeper’s Bulb Tester only work if I insert the bulb a specific way?

This does not mean that the Bulb Tester does not work. This is a direct result of the physics behind the LED light sets and their manufacturing. A LED will only conduct electricity in one direction and illuminate if powered properly. Therefore, it may require two attempts to test the LED in the LED Bulb Tester.

Will the Bulb Tester test all LED bulbs?

The LED Keeper’s Bulb Tester is designed to test the majority of designs available. However, the Bulb Tester may not be able to accommodate all designs.

Will the Bulb Tester test incandescent bulbs?

No. The LED Bulb Tester does not have the technological design to do so. It will only function for LEDs.

How does the Fuse Tester work?

The user simply places the fuse in question upon the Fuse Tester. It is necessary to place the metal ends of the fuse upon the metal contacts of the Fuse Tester to receive an accurate reading. There is no need to pull the trigger. If the fuse is good, the red light upon the LED Keeper will illuminate. If the fuse is bad and not usable, the red light will not illuminate.

What do I do if the tool is no longer able to illuminate functional sections of a light set?

If you were once able to illuminate functional sections of the light set using your LED Keeper and it no longer does so, the Pin within the LED Keeper hook may need to be flipped. Simple instructions on how to flip the Pin can be found here.

Does the Universal Replacement POD have multiple uses?

No, this POD is designed to replace lamp sockets only.

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